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Features of Australian Manuka Honey
Manuka honey from Australia is slowly filtered at low temperature and does not undergo any processing, so the original honey scent and nutrients are not compromised. It's very smooth, easy to handle, and has a smooth taste, so it's delicious for the whole family.

What is Australian Manuka Honey?
It is a very antibacterial honey from the Australian "Jelly Bush" flower. Jerry Bush is a type of shrub called Goryubai, which belongs to the genus Nematoda, which is the same as the famous New Zealand manuka, and it grows naturally in New Zealand and southeastern Australia and blooms pink and white flowers in early summer around November.

What are the numbers +30, +100 and +550 after the product name?
The content of Methyl Gly Oxal (Methylglyoxal = MGO).
We quantify how much methylglyoxal is contained in 1kg of Manuka honey. In 2006, a team led by Professor Thomas Helen of the Food Research Institute at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany, discovered that methylglyoxal was the major component of manuka honey's antibacterial properties. Methylglyoxal contained in Manuka honey is not contained in Manuka flowers, but is produced in the process when bees add enzymes to nectar and mature in their nests.

Size (1 Jar) : 85 x 65 x 65 mm
Ingredients : Australian honey 100%
Country of origin : Australia
* The indications on the back and side of the package, such as component indications, are in Japanese because they are printed for export to Japan.

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