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(6-12 mangoes : Japan Delivery Only)

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Kensington Pride
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***Postpone the 2023 mango delivery service***

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Mid in Nov 2022 to Mid in Dec 2022

* Price includes delivery fee.
* We are unable to deliver to some part of Japan.
Cultivar : Mutchilba (Keitt)

[Delivery Term]

Sold out
* Price includes delivery fee.
* We are unable to deliver to some part of Japan.
* There is $16.00 of an extra delivery fee to Okinawa in Japan.
* It is a fresh fruit handled service therefore ETA may possibly be delayed.
* No delivery during New Year's Holiday.
[Hokkaido] Rishiri, Renbun / [Tokyo] Izu Islands, Aogashima, Ogasawara / [Nagasaki] Tsushima / [Kagoshima] Amami, Oshima, Kagoshima, Kumage Yakushima Kushinoerabu / [Okinawa] Shimajiri Kitadaitou , Minamidaitou, Yaeyama.
* Only delivery season is available to request to keep mango freshness for the best condition.

Kensington Pride
Made in Australia
'Kensington Pride' fruit average around a 500 grams in weight at maturity. They are ovate in shape and have a rounded apex, generally lacking a beak. The skin colour is yellow, developing some red blush. The flesh is yellow, with moderate fibre, and has a sweet and spicy flavour. The fruit contains a polyembryonic seed.
Mutchilba (Keitt)
Made in Australia
The fruit is comparatively large, some reaching up to several kilos in weight. They are of ovoid shape with a rounded apex lacking a beak. The skin colour is typically green with some light red blush. The flesh has fibres, tangy and sweet, with a monoembryonic seed. The fruit generally has good disease resistance, and typically ripens from February until early in March in Queensland, making it one of the more valued late-season varieties.

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